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On Finger Fucking.

With the right girl, finger fucking can be one of the great delights in the dance. Yet, the difference between a repetitive mechanical act and a proper finger fucking can be huge.  To truly make this an amazing experience, a Dominant must appreciate the possibilities, have good technique, and invest the time to know his girl thoroughly - inside and out.

Indeed.  I like to take the time to explore my girl with my fingers, caressing her lips first to see just how sensitive they are.  Few vanilla men ever realize that it is not always about penetration - and even fewer know the right girl can cum just from having the insides of her lips caressed in just the right way.

I like to visit my girl’s clit next.  And here is where the distinction begins.  A vanilla man will rub a clit like a lamp and expect the magic orgasm genie to pop out.  A Dominant will explore much more sensually.  

I like to trace up along her lips to her clit, pull her hood back gently, and then caress her with just the tip of a finger to see how responsive it is.  Pressure is not the key.  Erotic contact brings her right to the edge, and my ministrations include light pinching, working the shaft of her clit between two fingers, exploring the incredibly erogenous areas alongside and above, and gentle rubbing while I hold her hood back to expose her hot little pearl.

I should mention that I will rarely allow my girl to cum while I explore.  I use this opportunity to gauge her responses (verbal and physical) and learn the best ways to edge her and tantalize her.  I feel the way her body moves, and I listen for the erotic tension in her voice as she begs to cum for me. Over and over. And over again. 

I then impale her, sliding my finger into her dripping wet cunt.  I make sure she appreciates the way I penetrate her - using one continuous motion to work my finger deep into her until the knuckles of my other fingers are against her lips.  I listen for the sudden uptake of her breath and for her whimpers and moans, and I feel the way her hips and ass move and her pussy spasms around my finger - sometimes clenching and releasing as I press on.

The next part of this dance clearly separates experienced Dominants from the rest of the pack.  While we often talk about finger fucking, I rarely use a repetitive in/out solo finger thrust. There is really not that much erotic pleasure in this, as a cock would be much more fulfilling.

The key to a girl’s orgasmic pleasure is her g-spot - and this is where I focus the most time on my girl’s cunt.  I work my way up her frontal wall with my finger and then crook it back, probing down until I find it - tucked down in its little pocket.  I massage it as I watch her toes curl and her hips buck - learning the best areas and pressure to use from these cues.  I will not allow her to cum just yet.

From this point forward, no two girls are alike.  I use what I have learned about my girl to work each area and give her the most incredible sensations (and climaxes) of her life.  I vary the number of fingers I use, the ways in which I clench and rub her g-spot, and the number of times I deny her orgasm.  

When it is time for my girl to experience orgasmic bliss, I am mindful of what some Tantra experts refer to as a winding of an erotic pleasure center spring. The more I can edge her to orgasm and deny her release, the more I can wind this spring in her body. And each time I choose to release this spring, I can bring her to incredible orgasms.  Over and over.  And over again.

Finally, when I have wound my girl tightly and built an insatiable desire, I work her g-spot hard.  If she has been a good girl, I will use a tantric grip, sliding my third and fourth fingers into her cunt and only THEN thrusting back and forth repeatedly, my other two fingers slamming into her outer lips, and the heel of my hand impacting against the top part of her pussy and clit.

I say just four words, and the magic commences:

“Cum for me, girl.”

She releases her entire being to me, convulsing and bucking with incredible pleasure spasms.  As she shudders and sings to me with squeals, moans, and shrieks of joy, she pants out the words that make me feel so honored and complete….

“Cumming for YOU, SIR!”

I repeat this last sequence over and over, and my girl can cum many, many times.  The most joyful part is when her eyes open wide like silver dollars - amazed at what she is experiencing in her own body - finally released properly.  

This is what makes the dance on the fringe of darkness such a joy…


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